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March 07, 2008


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"tramp stamp"+ "White tail" + "muffin top"



The lower back tattoo is gloriously tacky and impressively unimpressive. See 'Cape Fear' on how to do tattoos as they are meant, ie. bold depictions intended to terrify and disturb. It's like bagpipes ("Scottish noisemaking instruments of psychological warfare"), which are now assumed to be musical instruments. Natch.

So stop talking about the UK already, dude. How goes it where you are? Ballpark.


Hah, you'll be happy (or possibly, horrified) to know that I first learned the word "chav" from Doctor Who. Specifically, in the episode New Earth (the one in the hospital with the cat-nuns, n°172 old count, 2x01 new count) when baddie Cassandra takes over companion Rose's body, looks at in the mirror and exclaims: "I'm a chav!".

See, it's all wonderfully educational.

How goes it, you ask? First thing that comes to mind is Annie Lennox singing "Under Pressure" : wonderful and scary and weird at the same time. Boobooboom bah bah beh...

Actually I'm sort of in the eye of the storm at the moment, being home for about ten days between my American month (which went great) and my upcoming Chinese trimester. My luggage is lying open like gutted animals (if confronted, I'll blame that simile on Terry Pratchett's evil influence), various items scattered about my living room, the scene as if suspended in a bizarre limbo dimension between worlds. Which is exactly what I feel like. Not complaining though; my head's in a good place.

So how's the writing muse treating you?

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