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April 28, 2008


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Yes, it's true, we "can't stomach spicy foreign food", so we go and overspice it until it's not food anymore.
(Not just us, though. See 'USA' and 'chilli').

Vinda, eh?

Old British saying: don't let the bottom fall out of your world - eat a Vindaloo, and let the world fall...etc.

Philippe VdA

good to read your very informative block with great sense of humour
have you read "L'usage du monde" ?
it looks to me as the perfect companion for foreign trips and probably especially for deep dives in Great China.
By the way if you ever continue your blog on the other side of the two oceans, I will definitely make a visit

Reply from GG :

Hey, it's the Man from UNCLE! Sort of :-)
Thanks for dropping by, I'm gratified you like my humble corner of the blogosphere. Haven't read the book but it looks like something I'd enjoy. I doubt I can find it lying around in a bookstore here, though, eh!
Sure will continue this little experiment from anywhere I go. Next major stop, Boston, and I'd be thrilled by any visits! Live or electronic...

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