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June 03, 2008


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Isn't that phrase of the month a true generational gap marker...
For those born around the fifties, this "eagle" exclusively relates to the Apollo mission!
By the way, who's that Doctor Who? Another generational gap marker?


Couldn't resist my egotist contribution: "Fly with the eagle or scratch with the chicken!"


hooo it's so cute.. a web family reunion :)
Ok ok i run away... :)

Reply from GG:

To FX: Hehe, yeah, run away, Mama's boy ;-)

To Mom: yep, not so many in my generation who are so familiar with the Eagle, I think... now we have Mars rovers, and the next generation will have humans on Mars, maybe? As for Doctor Who, well I'm shocked that you don't know who he is! The cult BBC scifi series I've been nuts about for the past couple of years? That said, in terms of generations it's an interesting phenomenon - the series started in the sixties, then got canceled in the eighties (still, an impressively long run) then was resurrected a few years ago and is now enjoying unprecedented popularity. The main actor was changed every few seasons (= tv years) and so most people in Britain grew up with a specific actor as Doctor Who; the real generation marker there is to ask someone who 'their' Doctor was, and you can interpolate to what generation they belong. Anyway, it used to be that Whovians (=Who fans) were from older generations; but now there's a whole new generation getting hooked. Fantastic!

To Dad: I've used that phrase semi-frequently to justify some of my more elitist attitudes ;-)

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