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June 02, 2008


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Beware of The Mosquito! "They" designed it and build it to blast through delicate and sentitive ears. Once inside, it make them regret from ever being born as much as its mad buzzzing is drilling down their defenseless brains. It is capable of hunting down young people through a distance and make them cry mercy. Don't call it puny and don't underestimate it: its genitor was some kind of renegade scientist that crossed over to the dark side. Zillions of iPods won't succeed to dampen it. So, next time you look down at a seemingly puny opponent, consider twice and beware of The Mosquito!

Response from GG:
Haha, awesome comment, Dad! Not at all paranoid. And amazingly prescient - my next post was to include another mention of evil mosquitoes disrupting my sleep. Zillions of iPods indeed. Hah!

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