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November 10, 2008


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While you are at it, here is another interesting (useful?) experiment with static charges or more to the point, discharge...
(youtube is full of videos on the subject)


Ack, there goes the USAmerican way to make people safer, hand out more weapons! I strongly disapprove.


Around 150 feet beyond Cool.

Possibly further.

I like.

Now all they have to do is find a way to use it to lift people up. Say, by ramping up the magnetic field by a factor of 500,000. (Power source might be a problem. Plutonium?)

This is guaranteed to be completely safe.

So what if a few birds go off course, aircraft carriers get magnetized so planes can't take off, and sunspot activity goes ape?

Have a little *vision* here, please.


By magnetic, of course, I meant static electricity.

It's late at night, I've been writing all evening, and it's lucky that I'm even using English words at all, let alone nailing rudimentary scientific concepts.

I wish you garbleflaarp, and will speak to you another dwerp when my brain is slightly more lurgic.

Professor Mikeachim (PhD.Hons., Recipient Carl Sagan Award, Nobel Panel, League of Extraordinary Gentleman).


Wow, your League is so exclusive you're the only Gentleman who managed to get in? Though I'm not sure you can call it a League if there's only one member. Then again, the French singer Renaud said it best when he said "Je suis une bande de jeunes à moi tout seul"... (literally, "I'm a gang of youths all on my own")

Okay, I'll stop taking the mick, now. As a matter of fact I, like, totally* empathize with post-writing-marathon meltdown. Garbleflaarp to you too, sir.

*When my brain lurgicity decreases, I start using the abomination known as "Teenage American English". I blame the idiot lantern.


I was worried that you wouldn't spot that. I was proud of it.
Worry over. :)

Yes, the sheer ego-trip of having a league comprising of one individual. Verily doth my life rocketh.

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