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November 09, 2008


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What about the fugitive "e"? Are you afraid some Greek or Armenian orthodox (quite the same to me...) would read your blog and avenge his kin?
I swear that the first time I read the post, I read it with an "e"!
But I admit the pun is more effective without!


Hehe, thanks for noticing the pun.

I certainly wouldn't want to imply that these admirable gentlemen are in any way related to monkeys. Indeed, their civilized conduct excludes that possibility beyond reasonable doubt. Man is truly special, created by Our Lord God to be superior to beasts in every way.

Plus, I know a PanzerMutter of Armenian descent who would have my hide if I said anything (overly) disparaging ;-)


My strongest disagreement here on the animals: this behaviour sounds perfectly normal to me, it is so monkey-esque to fight over everything. Only the human culture makes it more colourfull and argumentative. It is what monkeys (and many apes too for all intent & purpose) do. Well, bonobos got some interesting variations to it, as they are. Wouldn't it be fun to see the movie of the Saint-sepulcre with the armenian priest bonobo-like...


Haha, Dad, you think like a biologist! Or a pervert, depending on the point of view ;-)

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