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March 27, 2009


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you should really consider to stop the drinking... and also all other kind of drugs you seem to be used to...


Well I did admit I was raving. No drugs involved, though -- just my brain doing what it does. That and plasmids.


Yes, we're doomed. Except, we're not really. Because all this has happened before and will happen again. Which would be great except we keep making the same mistakes. Rats.

So you've finally caught up with 'em?

The finale was a humdinger.

And it's not often I've realised so much just how gorgeous our planet really is.

And Roslin's final scene was one of the most perfect things I've seen on television.

Now - as for unusual uprisings, I'm anticipating the BBC's remake of Day Of The Triffids, which is one of my favourite pieces of fiction.

I'm hoping they don't go jokey and "fun" with it. I'm hoping they go decidedly "BSG" with it, in fact.

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