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May 09, 2009


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Remember fencing, old-world style and elegance?
But this? Yuck!
Mom at a loss...


Alas, my poor mother -- I'm afraid you've been fooled by the veneer of civilization affected by old-world fencing. Spotless whites and gleaming steel on the surface perhaps, but what you don't see is the primal emotional turmoil beneath the mask. Fear, anger, pride; it's all there, not ennobled for a penny by the trappings of aristocratic finesse. (Remember Henry V on the subject of kingship, "... but for ceremony...!".) Style and elegance indeed. If anything, all those fancy gestures and respectful salutes are the tips of icebergs: the strict regulations that are necessary to coerce human nature into playing a bloodsport without actually shedding blood. In that, paintball --though far less pretty in form-- is little different; and the parallel holds as the rules are extremely strict and you will find a great emphasis on fair play and civility among players. One could even argue that there is far less physical violence involved in paintball as opposed to fencing.

I still love fencing best, by the way, but paintball has an outdoorsy aspect that appeals to me these days. Sadly, all that bother with electrical wires and parts isn't eliminated, just replaced by issues with pneumatics and mechanical parts.

(Incidentally, independent observers may notice that as regards this new hobby that I've found myself, the parental units differ wildly in their opinions.)


Aaah! a nice Tipman alpha black tactical edition ... or better: a Tacamo type 68D! I can't wait before trying this little pastime of yours!


See what I mean? Wildly different.

I'm not so keen on the mock AK47s myself... Scenario gear seems a bit over the top. And it's way more expensive.


What do you make of this?
Back to bows & arrows adds some twist to it?! Never runs out of gas too...

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