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November 20, 2009


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This whole thing is a disgrace. Most politician in Europe are happy they choose an unknown, feable, unthreatening guy (anything but Blair). His achievement was to have governed & stabilize Belgium in the last... 11 months! His only merit was to have replaced the inept Leterme who proved to be a total waste. What happens now to the folks of Belgium? People are so proud Van Rompuy was selected to such a prestigious function that they did not realize the other looser would be coming back through the backdoor. Bingo: today Leterme was annointed prime minister by the king. On the way back from office, I heard the old wigs (former prime minister Martens & Dehaene) from the very same flemish ruling party (CD&V) declare that this would be his second and last chance to succeed as prime minister! They said it blantly on the radio! Can you imagine the self esteem of the guy? Please, someone help me to figure out where we are heading with this country! I am not sure anyone cares: Brussels being the capital of Europe, maybe there lies precisely the master plan: will Van Rompuy rule Belgium from another office building downtown?


Yeah, I can't believe they brought Leterme back, for one.

I had the opportunity to chat with another Bostonian Belgian at my Thanksgiving dinner, he was also disgusted by the whole thing. The general feeling among us expats seems to be one of disbelief and alienation -- this kind of mess doesn't help making a return to Belgium an attractive proposition.

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