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November 18, 2011


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Ahah! This is like autumnwatch on the beeb. Your deer looks more like a bunch of debris caught in a low lying branch hanging in the water. Regarding your industrious beaver, the classical trick is to roll a piece of fence with square mesh (1 - 2 inches) around the tree. They don't chew metal wires. It should be placed from the ground up to about 2 - 3 foot high. I guess the critter has enough trees around so that you won't starve him. Did you know we found a beaver dam on the hermeton last month? Its is a mile downstream from the old mill where they grow all sorts of ferns. This is like "the beavers strike back"
Enjoy nature! Claude alias dad


Well, that's one interesting bunch of debris then, because from the sequence of photos (and the fact that the river flows left to right from the camera's perspective) it is apparently capable of swimming upstream. I'll send you the hi-def version if you still don't believe that it's a deer.

Thanks for the advice for protecting our trees -- we will definitely need to do that, at the rate he's going!

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